Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Target Group Info...

After collecting student voice and ideas from the 2 groups I am working with, I was able to analyze and record it on a table. I've also finished with assessments so I've included the data in my profiling information.

Now that I know more information from my Y8s and Y9s, I am hoping to find time to work with the Y9s, to come up with an action plan/interventions on how to better assist our Year 8 students with transitioning into High School. I also aspire to find time where both groups can meet or we can visit each other and have the Y9 students work like mentors for our Y8 students.

The mentoring idea comes from my Y8 students in 2023, working with the Way-finder mentors from Tamaki College last year. Our students loved it and data showed that those particular students attendance improved, engagement in class was evident and they enjoyed having someone check-up on them weekly. Someone other than their class teacher.


 Interesting Finds from Y8 learners and their attitudes towards Literacy:

  1. Most of them like Literacy
  2. There is a balance between preferences for both Reading & Writing
  3. Some do not like the current spelling programme we have
  4. They all think highly of themselves as doing well in both Reading and Writing
  5. Most have requested for more Writing opportunities and learning tasks
  6. Only a couple of them receive support at home with Literacy

Interesting Finds from the Year 9 students and their experience with High School thus far:

  1. High School Week should be every term or longer than just one week. We usually run High School week once a year and is often in Term 4.
  2. They would like to have time to check-in with the Y8 students. Give them advice on what to expect with High School.
  3. Adjusting to a High School timetable takes a while. A lot of moving around and it can be quite overwhelming having different teachers every day.
  4. They miss the attention and relationships they had with their Primary/Intermediate teachers.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Student Profiling...

This blog post explains who my target students are:

I have 2 groups of students that I will be working closely with this year.

Group 1: 6 Y8 students who I currently teach and I know they will be going to Tamaki College next year.

Group 2: 6 Y9 students who study down at Tamaki College. I will be using their expertise to help me develop my intervention/s for my inquiry this year.

I also would like to see them as some sort of mentors for the Y8 students. Try and have them meet couple times a term to help with preparing our Y8 learners., especially in Literacy.

To find out more information, I created a google form to collect student voice from my Y8 learners about learning in Literacy.

For my Y9 experts, I had imported the questions above into a google form and had them fill it out. We met as a group, and although they filled out their responses via forms, we had some deep and meaningful talanoa out of this.

After collecting the information from both of my groups - I will sit down and analyze the findings before creating my hypotheses.

Monday, May 20, 2024

The ball is rolling...

 Hi Everyone,

I know it's been a while. I had taken time off work to look after my mother who had terminal cancer. Unfortunately, my Mum lost her battle with cancer during the school holidays. Took a further 3 weeks off (to grieve and be with family) and returned to school this week (Monday 20th May - W4).

Before taking time off, I had met with Amber George from Tamaki about my Inquiry and my vision of what I want to achieve. She directed me to Albie Stevenson (one of the English teachers and dean). The learning area I am choosing to focus on is Literacy and my Inquiry is on the transition of Y8 students into High School. 

I also met with my Principal Mr Herlihy to gain some insight and expertise from him too.

So what now? The ball is rolling...

  1. I've met with Albie and together, we selected a group of Y9 students, former students of GTS. Some may call them my 'target students' but I prefer to call them my "experts". I will be interviewing my group of students to find out more about their experience of High School so far, as a Y9 student. Over time, I want to identify strategies and ideas of what we can do from our end (as an Intermediate) to prepare our current Y8's for High School next year.
  2. I would also like to pop in to some of their English classes to observe the students. Looking at attitude and behaviour for learning.
Before finalising my Inquiry for 2024, I had reached out to some of our colleagues at Tamaki College end of last year. I wanted to gauge some insight to their thoughts about Y9 students and also hear what they think we should do as Y8 teachers to prepare the students.

Monday, March 25, 2024

First Bookings for 2024.

It's been a great start to the year. This year we were introduced the 'calendar booking/appointment schedule' tool on Google calendar. We use this tool so that teachers in the cluster can book an appointment with the AS CoL teachers for support. 

In Term 1, I was fortunate to be booked in by a few teachers in the cluster. I visited Sandhya at Glen Innes School to support her with her reading programme, I had an appointment with Amber from Tamaki College to look at organisation days I could pop in for some observations and I was booked in by my colleagues Victor and Ronil to teach a couple of Writing lessons. I was also booked by my school Principal to have a talanoa about my inquiry for this year.

I am looking forward for more bookings for Term 2.


Tuesday, March 5, 2024

RPI - Day 2: Know your learners as Readers

What I like about RPI is the clarity and explicit-ness delivered by the facilitators. It's a safe space and teachers are free to ask questions throughout the sessions. 

I enjoyed the little korero by Dorothy, insightful to hear how the Manaiakalani Reading Programme has developed over-time from 2007. It was great to hear how her attendance at the ISTE conference inspired the idea of creating a Korero Pt England Podcast channel, that engaged so many learners, including those reluctant readers.

My favourite take-away from Day 2 was the understanding behind each component of the Teacher workbook. My mentee teachers last year did share it and we implemented it into our reading programme but the ownership for me, personally wasn't there. I wasn't as driven to use it as the other teachers. Simply because I felt I didn't fully comprehend the purpose behind it and how to use it. Now, being part of RPI - everything is making sense. I think being front-loaded with some of the resources last year has really helped.

My goal for the next 3 weeks and the rest of the term is to fully invest my time into ensuring the Teacher workbook is successfully implemented in my practice, so that my team can follow suit. I see how effective it is to have everything on ONE sheet under different tabs. It has data, planning, progressions, LTP - non-negotiables that teachers should have accessible in their planning.

YAY for another informative RPI session. Oh, and this time round, I am not feeling as over-whelmed as Day 1 lol.